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DAISIE on ALL FM 96.9 | LIVE Tracklist | 6th Sept 2012

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Welcome to a new edition of DAISIE on ALL FM 96.9. This playlist sees a whole host of independent tracks sourced from many corners of the globe by talented music makers. Unfortunately due to a malfunction in the Recording of Transmission there will be no playback via Mixcloud for this show. If you enjoyed the music of the live show or are intrigued as to the components please follow the artist links below to access (most of) the tracks.daisie profile-playlistSOLAR2

DAISIE | PLAYLIST | 6th Sept 2012

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Rasheen – Orange (Virginia, Richmond, USA)
BQ:RAM – Honey Memories (Italy)
Innereyefull – Human Heads (Cornwall)
Ruane Namuh – Sharkoil Leaf Dancers (Portland, USA)
John Daly – Gonna Be There (Galway, EIRE)
Beastie Boys – Intergalactic (Paris Toon + MFC Intergalactic Remix) (Carefree, Arizona)
Rasheen – Pick Up (Meltdown Remix) (Richmond – Manchester, UK)
Arnies’ Love – I’m Outta Your Life (Beaten Space Probe Re-edit) (Tokyo, Japan)
GUTS – Don’t Worry (Doris & Kelley cover) (Ibiza, Spain)
Hataken – New Side Of The Brain (Tokyo, Japan)
Grace Jones – Pull Up To The Bumper (discomofo Remix) (Jersey, UK)
Bijou Winters x Leian Limms – Skin Sketches (Kyson Remix) (Berlin, Germany)
KorgBrain – Nobody Else (Original Mix) (France)
Joel Foster – Tranquil Mind (Manchester, UK)
Yaw – Where Would You Be (Chicago, Illinois)
DF Tram & The Future BC – SubVerb (San Francisco)
16B – Water Ride (The Sleeping All Day Mix) (UK)
Lady Alma & MdCL – I Can’t Help It (Los Angeles)
Terrard Robinson aka LMBR-JCK T – See The Sights (See The Light) (Chicago, Illinois)
Jupiter Turning Center – That Healin Feelin From You (West Berlin, Switzerland)
Teri Tobin – Free (Radio Edit) (USA)
Chris Malinchak – If U Got It (NYC)


Author: Radio D A I S I E

Digitally Autonomous + Independent Sounds I've Encountered

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