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DAISIE | Album Launch Info: “Ascension” by HATAKEN

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HATAKEN - AscensionIn little under an hour, good friend of the show Kenichi Hata aka HATAKEN will LIVE STREAM the launch of his “Ascension” album via Ustream. A culmination of HATAKEN‘s work, “Ascension” features many tracks which have featured on recent DAISIE playlists as well as being firm favourites on now archived Eco Lounge Radio Shows.

It must be pointed out that these tracks have not been selected for playlists for popularity reasons or to promote sales..”Ascension” represents a frequency, a stage in our lives as the Human Race inhabiting this beautiful Plant Earth. The timing of it’s release is naturally aligned to tie in with the end of the Mayan Calendar and to mark the start of the Mayan Fifth Sun..representing a new era and time in the evolutionary consciousness of all beings.

People from all over the Globe are supporting the event which will see HATAKEN LIVE STREAM the event and will feature a solo session and collaboration with jazz guitarist, Motohiko Ichino who performs on the new album (in the song titled, Saturday Morning).

Released via The Konspiracy Group, DAISIE is proud to be included as part of this event and to have become a firm supporter of HATAKEN and his works. The delicacy, pace and timing of each of the tracks featured on the album as well as the composition are designed to almost reset the nature of being and to journey to a state of cooperation, compassion and acute awareness of our living presence on this Earth. Many best wishes to Ken and to all involved in this project launch. The event goes live at 7.30pm in Tokyo, 11.30pm in Wellington and 10.30am in the UK. The event will be archived for those who can’t make those times. Go to HATAKEN’S USTREAM to watch the event and if you happen to be in Tokyo get yourself to the Velvet Sun and support HATAKEN and the event first hand. Listen to a preview of this wonderful album:

DAISIE Editor’s note: In case you missed the “Ascension” Live Event Launch, you can watch it here..Must say it was incredible to see all of the kit that HATAKEN uses and wonderful to hear the tracks being performed live!


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Digitally Autonomous + Independent Sounds I've Encountered

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