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DAISIE | EP Info: “Earth To Arima” by Arima Ederra

Leave a comment a listen to Arima Ederra‘s first full album “Earth To Arima” released back in December 2012, presented by Ashley Outrageous and sponsored by Jenesis Magazine. The Las Vegas songbird along with production from the well respected  Bhonstro, Dead702 and Al B Smoov to name a few as well as verses from LA emcees Blu, Sham, and GIBBY  has created an extremely celestial yet earthbound body of works encompassing all matters of feminine spirituality and the questions that are sometimes asked in this cosmically aware and openly conscious age. Another album that DAISIE has been sitting on for some time and which featured in THIS broadcast, you can follow THIS link to GET YOUR COPY!
“Questions” by Arima Ederra ft Blu (prod. by Bhonstro) .. the first track to catch DAISIE‘s ear before discovering the full EP: 

Released 20 December 2012

Written by: Arima Ederra
Production: Bhonstro, Dead702, Nabeyin, WrightTrax, Al B Smoov, Sol X
Recorded by: Nik “Ink Well” Hotchkiss
Mixed by: Nik “Ink Well” Hotchkiss, Too Tone
Mastered by: Trade Voorhees
Photography: Ashlay Cashlay
Artwork: Michael Brignac of [Dirty Legends]


Author: Radio D A I S I E

Digitally Autonomous + Independent Sounds I've Encountered

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