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DAISIE | Album Info: “Isle of Magic” by Mop Mop (Taster Snippets)

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IsleofMagic-MopMop-RadioDAISIE2Mop Mop‘s fourth studio album has come together over the course of a couple of years where producer Andrea Benini has been searching for new directions with the band. Collaborations in the album include Funk legend Fred Wesley, Trinidad-born poet/singer Anthony Joseph and Finnish-Egyptian vocalist Sara Sayed. Over fifteen musicians were involved during the production of the album and contains 13 tracks of pure Voodoo Jazz, Caribbean flavours, Afro-Funk, Exotic rhythms and Soul music. The album, recorded between Germany and Italy, uses vintage analog equipment to achieve a warm sound with all of  the qualities of vintage analog tape recordings and was recorded between March and August in 2011. “Isle Of Magic” is “an imaginary land populated by musicians who spend their time fishing, cooking, playing and practicing Voodoo rites at night” with the aim of the album being to represent the soundtrack of this imaginary life. Due for release on March 4th, take a listen now to a preview of this wonderfully rich album.

Mop Mop “Isle Of Magic”
Release Date: 4th March 2013
EAN 4260130540296
Agogo Records – LC 15656

01 – Jua Kiss
02 – Let I Go feat. Anthony Joseph
03 – Kamakumba
04 – Heritage feat. Anthony Joseph
05 – Phantom Of The Panther
06 – Run Around feat. Fred Wesley and Anthony Joseph
07 – The Golden Bamboo
08 – Loa Chant feat. Sara Sayed
09 – Black Ivory
10 – Damballah
11 – Mojomamy
12 – Afro Jojo Part One
13 – Afro Jojo Part Two


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Digitally Autonomous + Independent Sounds I've Encountered

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