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DAISIE | EP Info: “Sunshine Young” by Umber

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Umber-SunshineYoung-RadioDAISIEBeautiful atmospheric sounds capturing the essence of Nature in a gently mesmerising new EP “Sunshine Young” courtesy of Umber. Alex Steward, the one musician wonder that is Umber has carefully crafted this EP from somewhere in the depths of the English countryside to create a soothingly textured and lightly refined body of works which will see you dancing through sun dried long grasses with blue skies and dandelions blowing in the wind. Well that’s what DAISIE sees anyway with eyes closed along with stone built chapels and country lanes. Listen and “see” for yourself. Available to BUY in a variety of bundles via Umber‘s page on BANDCAMP.

Released 5th April 2013

All music written and recorded by Alex Steward

Label // Oxide Tones
Mastered by Tim Hay //
Violins on ‘The Warm Calm’ & ‘Gött Mos’ by Sophie Green //
Design by Cameron Steward //
Photography by Alex Steward


Author: Radio D A I S I E

Digitally Autonomous + Independent Sounds I've Encountered

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