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DAISIE | EP Info: “Laminate” by Paddy Fred

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Paddy Fred-Laminate-RadioDAISIE

Fantastic new EP from NZ’z Paddy Fred! “Laminate“, a 5-track offering featuring vocals from Alby Love, Estere and previous DAISIE playlist favourite, Lisa Preston.  Mastered by Benny Tones on the Organik Musik Workz label, this is a must for lovers of organic electronic and soulful beats. DAISIE really loved the works that Benny, Paddy, Estere et al cooked up on the Little Lotus Projects  (in aid of Children’s Charity SpinningTop) and is delighted to hear some of Paddy‘s more solo work. Haunting vocals and future-tech soundscapes all make for a spine-shivering listening experience. Listen  below and follow the LINK to go get your copy.

Released 9th May 2013

Artwork by The 100th Idiot

Author: Radio D A I S I E

#DAISIE - Ex Broadcaster @ ALL FM 96.9 Now Playing Vinyl Out & About

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