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"Digitally Autonomous + Independent Sounds I've Encountered"


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Welcome to Radio D A I S I E, broadcasting LIVE from Manchester UK. This show features some NEW Digitally Autonomous + Independent Sounds from Yosi Horikawa, Amel Larrieux, Manchester’s  Fooljester and the new “Love EP”  by Galway producer Colm K along with excellent tracks from Roena Laurice out of London and a remix of an Ambientportal track by San Franciscan DJ and producer, DF Tram.

daisie profile-playlistSOLAR2

DAISIE | PLAYLIST | 13th June  2013

Listen back HERE!

BMB aka Spacekid – Auum
Mos Def – Umi Says (FaltyDL Edit)
TiRon + Ayomari – Intro: The Trust Fall on The Cafeteria Line
Nia Andrews – Colours (Hiatus Kaiyote Transmutation)
Yosi Horikawa – Grasshopper
Amel Larrieux – Afraid
Roena Laurice – Heart Throb Healing (Live)
Ego Ella May – Being Loved
TOT vs Ananda Project vs Crosstown Rebels – Every Cow Has A Bird That Lets Love Fly
Fooljester – De-termination
Miomizuki – HeatSpirit
Ambientportal – Circle Square (DF Tram Remix)
Future Wildstyle – Vanish (Rollers Remix)
Isaac Tichauer – Still I Love You
Colm K – Nothing
Colm K – Spaced
Jamiroquai – Too Young To Die (Dagger DX Rework)
Tara Alesia – For Your Soul
Yosi Horikawa – Stars
Atu – Soul Child
Maylee Todd – Baby’s Got It (Greeen Linez Remix)
Nuno Dos Santos – Hamming


Author: Radio D A I S I E

Digitally Autonomous + Independent Sounds I've Encountered

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