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DAISIE | Album Info + Official Music Video: “Gear Change” by 74 Miles Away

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74MilesAway-GearChange-RadioDAISIEReleased in May 2013, this track is taken off 74 Miles Away‘s second album “Gear Change“. In an almost 2 year break from studio time 74 Miles Away have been busy performing live at venues and festivals worldwide and the material for this new album was written for these performances based on their live gigging experiences. Deconstructing the show material and then recording as live in the studio with very little over-dubbing has helped them to retain the raw, exciting and unpolished feel of a live album, something that adds a realistic and overall natural sound to the finished works.

Check out the album “Gear Change” in full below and visit their BANDCAMP page to catch up with their debut release. 

Released 16th May 2013

74 Miles Away, a  collaboration between jazz pianist/composer Pierre Anckaert, producer duo MonkeyRobot and flutist Stefan Bracaval, offer the official music video for their track “Gear Change“, (as played on THIS edition of DAISIE).

74 Miles Away – Gear Change from kelly’s heroes on Vimeo.

Video Published 18th June 2013


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Digitally Autonomous + Independent Sounds I've Encountered

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