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DAISIE | EP Info: “Tides” by Headspace on Jellyfish Recordings

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Headspace-Tides-JellyfishRecordings-RadioDAISIEThe President & Creative Director of Jellyfish Recordings Headspace has been busy this past couple of years working with independent artists to get their music released through Vancouver based label Jellyfish Recordings. There have been over 30 releases through the label since it’s inception back in 2010 and Headspace has kept up with the practise of performing regularly in and around his Canadian hometown as well as bringing new music and artists to the forefront on a global stage.

Tides is about coming and going, things we love that eventually escape us only to return in a new form. The cycles that keep us awake and lull us to sleep” and was “originally written on hardware, these tunes made their way from dusty old samplers and drum machines to computer software, a back and forth journey that gives character to the sound.” (Headspace 2013)

Well it’s a fantastic treat for us here at DAISIE to hear these new works, coming from the source and centre master of Jellyfish Recordings itself and it’s a great continuation of the wonderful and creative  flow that the label has established. FREE to DOWNLOAD for a limited time only, go get your copy.. NOW .. !!

Released 19th June 2013

Produced by Eli Muro
Additional vocals by Elliot Bell and Francesca Belcourt
Ukelele on track 6 by Francesca Belcourt


Author: Radio D A I S I E

Digitally Autonomous + Independent Sounds I've Encountered

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