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DAISIE | EP Info: “Untitled (Demo Album)” by Bembé Segué

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BembeSegue-Untitled-RadioDAISIEBembé Segué  has  long  been a firm favourite on the West London music scene. For over a decade Bembé  has had a number of successful collaborations with the likes of Mark De Clive-LoweDego (4Hero/2000Black) and Bugz In The Attic and it is great to  hear some of her own early works compiled in this untitled demo collection. Giving a taste of what was to come in the following decade “Untitled (Demo Album)” by Bembé Segué  is full of jazzy chopped edits, bedroom productions and studio outings that display timeless qualities and sophisticated production techniques and showcase Bembé‘s own skills as an independent and very talented singer-songwriter and music producer. Available as a FREE DOWNLOAD you can get your copy HERE !

Released 31 July 2013
Produced by Bembé Segué
All vocals performed by Bembé Segué

Check out the track that introduced DAISIE to the collaborative works of MdCL and Bembé, “Heaven“, a long time firm favourite in the DAISIE Archives....


Author: Radio D A I S I E

Digitally Autonomous + Independent Sounds I've Encountered

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