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DAISIE | Beat Tape Info: “From The Heart, From The People” by Perth CT

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PerthCT-FromTheHeartFromThePeople-RadioDAISIEA nice 14 track ensemble coming in from Perth CT, a producer coming out of Western Australia. “From The Heart, From The People” is his second offering and is mostly sample-based lo-fi instrumentals forming a collection of beats made between February and August of this year. The tape in Perth CT‘s own words is “dedicated to the sweet memories of growing up, the people that we miss, and the places that we want to go back to.” With a gently melancholic vibe this beat tape offers a bittersweet chance to kick back and reminisce on times, people and places gone by but also has the grace to let you smile, and be content in the moment of where you are right now.. which in DAISIE‘s opinion is always a good place to be. Perth CT is kindly offering “From The Heart, From The People” as a FREE DOWNLOAD. Listen out for the respectfully clever and empathic sampling of The Isley Brother‘s “Summer Breeze” on Track 5, “New World“, very nice indeed !
Released 24th October 2013
All tracks produced by T. Wibisono
Cover photo by M. Al-Dhafeeri
Cover design by M. Beaton

Check out Perth CT‘s debut offering “Beat Tape Vol. 1 – The Soul Collection” too !


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Digitally Autonomous + Independent Sounds I've Encountered

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