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DAISIE | EP Info: “Five Parts Of The Soul” by Kae

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Kae-5PartsOfTheSoul-CascadeRecords-RadioDAISIEWe are simply lovin’ this EP here at DAISIE, “Five Parts Of The Soul” by Kae, a journey into the 5 elements of life as described in “the ancient Egyptian concept of the Soul, which says that a human soul is made up of five parts: Heart, Shadow, Name, Soul and Spark“. Released under the fantastic and nurturing guidance of Sal Martin and Cascade Records, Kae‘s songwriting skills and the superb mixing and editing talents of Digi G’alessio create this fine, sublime and truly skin tingling offering which showcase Kae‘s jazz and soulful vibes perfectly. Melting alongside futuristic twists of new beats and with remixes from the likes of Sir Froderick, Mister Bibal and Sven Atterton, you’ll no doubt be paying further attention to the works of this rising star. Visit Cascade Records to find out more. Big shouts to Sal !Released 12th November 2013 
Check out the video for “Spark” by Kae, the Mister Bibal Remix..


Author: Radio D A I S I E

Digitally Autonomous + Independent Sounds I've Encountered

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