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"Digitally Autonomous + Independent Sounds I've Encountered"


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Welcome to Radio D A I S I E ! This show features some digitally autonomous and independent sounds from the likes of Carolyn Malachi, Transcript + Colossus, JoVonn and Xosar. We take a listen to some music from “Tacloban Hope“, the Beats For Change project raising money for those in dire need of aid after the typhoon in the Philippines. There’s music coming off The Fontanelles new “Horns Of Freedom” EP and we go on a big journey with Californian producer Big La vs Todd as we venture into his new and upcoming project “Moods“.daisie profile-playlist333

DAISIE | PLAYLIST | 28th November 2013

Listen back HERE !

Galimatias – Dahlia Petals
KOFFIE – Eh Lady (Umajo Remix)
Weldon Irivine Junior – We Getting Down
The Blaxploited Orchestra – The Pursuit (Compost Disco)
The Fontanelles – Too Big
The Fontanelles – Criminality
Q3000 – Heaven’s Ground
BigLa vs Todd – I Remember Why
BigLa vs Todd – Moods
BigLa vs Todd – The Moment – ft Doyle Robinson
Carolyn Malachi – Fall Winter Spring Summer
DAC Beats – Fly
Nick Wisdom – Beam Me Up
a l l i e – Cross My Mind
Prace – Faeded (dub)
Ego Ella May – Love Hard
Transcript + Colossus – Close To Me
Xosar – Gone Is Yesterday (Xan Xoda Remix)
Maximoe – For The Soul
Muna Baradi – Mourning Dove
Roughsoul – The Movement
JoVonn – Love Begins (Original Mix)
Pomo – So Fine
Roane Namuh + Reva DeVito – C(h)ampagne (Hot16 Remix)
Sunny Ade – Penkele (MM’s Tropical Discotheque Special Mix)


Author: Radio D A I S I E

Digitally Autonomous + Independent Sounds I've Encountered

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