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DAISIE | EP Info: “Vuelo Nocturnes Remixes” by Umoja

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Umoja-VueloNocturnesRemixes-INIMovement-RadioDAISIEWelcome to “Vuelo Nocturnes Remixes” by Umoja ! After the success of the original album  “Vuelo Nocturnes” released back in August 2013, the Sunshine embracing Dutch duo sought out prolific producers such as Oby Nine, Safari Utrecht and Prace to remix the album which has resulted in each guest mixer naturally pulling out elements from each track and subtly attaching their own musical identities into the fabric of each piece. It’s a very enchanting and most listenable ep and you can hear the utmost respect that each producer pays to Umoja‘s original works, gently and empathically transforming to create deeply rich and genre free remixes. “Vuelo Nocturnes Remixes” marks the 13th release for INI Movement, a creative platform which strives to “be a collective entity that unites talented artists” within a “spectrum of art disciplines” and one which encourages the artists in this union to “inspire and support each other’s work.” A fantastic synopsis we say here at DAISIE ! “Vuelo Nocturnes” and “Vuelo Nocturnes Remixes” by Umoja are both available NOW digitally.

Release date: 2nd December 2013

Mastered By: B.Eyele
Artwork: Umoja
Catalog: INI013

Remixes by:
Oby Nine
Dany F
Safari Utrecht

Listen to the original version of “Vuelo Nocturnes” by Umoja..

Shouts to Dennis and all at INI Movement !


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Digitally Autonomous + Independent Sounds I've Encountered

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