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DAISIE | EP Info: “De Gulden Snede Vol​.​2” by INI Movement

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DuGuldenSnedeVol.2-INIMovement-RadioDAISIEDAISIE loves it when music becomes more than just something that you listen to as a form of background entertainment or something to pass away the time and becomes rather more a sonic reflective vibration of you, your Soul’s ethos and that point on your life’s journey. We all have it, those songs, that certain type of music that just gets to you and speaks to you, representing your circumstances or a situation in your life. This compilation and “curatorial statement” is just one of those body of works for DAISIE. “De Gulden Snede Vol​.​2” by INI Movement sums up all of the wonders and elements that today’s forefront electronic music holds. No longer is it cold bleeps and beats forthcoming from a machine, there is fluidity, warmth, depth and organic-niceness, like a barrier has been broken to put vital life source into the machine’s coding.. enough from here tho’, take a listen to it yourself ! A great round up from INI Movement to see this year out and welcome in the new. A collection of sounds, ideas and audio-visual artistic movements and a great “testament to the hard work and creative perseverance” of INI Movement‘s featured artists. 

Release date: 28 December 2013

If you haven’t already then check out the first compilation “De Gulden Snede” by INI Movement.

Release date: December 2012



Author: Radio D A I S I E

Digitally Autonomous + Independent Sounds I've Encountered

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