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"Digitally Autonomous + Independent Sounds I've Encountered"


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Welcome to Radio D A I S I E ! This show features some digitally autonomous and independent sounds from the likes of LeXus, Omar and Funkineven. We take a visit to the 2013 EP “Thru Nature” by Dutch producer DeeB, travel along with some deep ambient and chillwave from Ontario’s O S L O  and listen to some tracks off Eric Lau & Tawiah‘s newly released “Love Call” EP. Plus we’ve got the new offering from Eklektik Record‘s latest signing MOLO and a revisit to some of the favourite remixes of Kae‘s “Spark“, taken off the “Five Parts Of The Soul” EP released on Cascade Records late last year.

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Listen back HERE !

Poshgod – Uppercut 1
Peshay – Bronx Life
Oimactta – DMT
Zaika – Make It Rain ft Carl Thomas
LeXus – The Wake Up Call ft Ezra King (prod. by King I Divine)
LeXus – Adam + Eve (prod. by Astrological)
Linn Mori – Hindu Maiden
DeeB – Thru Nature
DeeB – Thru Clouds
Kae – Spark (2000 Remix)
Kae – Spark (Sven Atterton Remix)
LeXus – Blue Raspberry (prod. by Giorgia Oehlers)
Omar – Ghana Emotion (Una Mas Trio Remix)
Funkineven – Dreams
Eric Lau & Tawiah – Love Call
Eric Lau & Tawiah – Favourite Truth ft Kaidi Tatham
Xiomara – So Fresh, So Clean
Mjolnir – Just A Boy (Pat Lok Remix)
MOLO – The Ghosts Are Dancing (Original)
El Train – Make It Wait
O S L O . – Scribbles ft Nori
O S L O . – Broken
Cinematic Orchestra – Channel 1 Suite
Kaelin Ellis – La Luz & Ether ft Cazal Organism
Kaelin Ellis – Flute Song
Mr Troy – Visitee Guidee (Side B)


Author: Radio D A I S I E

Digitally Autonomous + Independent Sounds I've Encountered

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