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"Digitally Autonomous + Independent Sounds I've Encountered"

DAISIE | Special Edition – DAISIEcast | Apr 2015

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Six months have passed since the last live broadcast of Radio D A I S I E from the ALL FM Studios here in Manchester, and while it’s been necessary to take a break from the pre + post production of a show, there’s still a whole heap of wonderful sounds that have been passing through ‪#‎DAISIE‬ HQ which are crying out to be put on a playlist. With that in mind, here’s a Special Edition podcast to showcase and share some of that music, and one which will hopefully bridge the gap between the last and the next .. enjoy !!daisie-page-profile333-podcast

DAISIE | Special Edition – DAISIEcast | Apr 2015


KaeYae Alo – Thoughts
Bhonstro – fLaOkVeE (Fake Love) ft Octavio Santos
Swarvy – Kittylitter
Kendrick Lamar – These Walls
iSHE – Eye See You
Flava Dre – Flava Dre x SoulfulSelector x Claudia
Stefan Ringer aka REKchampa – MUYM
9th Cloud – Backdrop Test Resources
Mo Kolours – How I
Visioneers – Come Play In The Milky Night
Omar – Intro Interlood The Man (Scratch Professer Re-Twist)
Metro Area – Caught Up
The Electric – Didn’t Cha Know

Recorded at ‪#‎DAISIE‬ HQ, Manchester, UK


Author: Radio D A I S I E

Digitally Autonomous + Independent Sounds I've Encountered

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