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D A I S I E Sessions | Ep. 4 “Realisations” | Sept 2016

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Greetings and welcome to the 4th episode of the D A I S I E Sessions featuring new music from Kaidi Tatham and his recent release “The Extrovert“, Dennis Ayler and The Do Yo Thangs out of New Zealand!

As always, thank you for supporting the show through it’s many (r)evolutionary guises .. Please enjoy and feel free to leave feedback!DionneGbasai-DAISIExL

D A I S I E Sessions | Ep. 4 “Realisations” | Sept 2016


Space Captain – Still
The Nothing – Pied Piper
Dennis Ayler – Power Moves (Tender Re-fix)
AishaZoe – Flowers (Warren XcInce’s Honeysamba Mix)
Ian O’Donovan – Skyn (Original Mix)
Kerri Chandler – Mommy, What’s A Record?
Carla Duke – Autumn Rain
Kaidi Tatham – The Extrovert
Kaidi Tatham – Mister Seahorse
The Do Ya Thangs – Under Your Nose
Prof.Logik – Out Of Focus
Flamingosis – On A Cloud ft Beatmachinearon
Sidney Charles – Flak 94 (Original Mix)

Compiled and Recorded at ‪#‎DAISIE‬ HQ, Manchester, UK

noun [ C ] UK /rɪə.laɪˈzeɪ.ʃən/
the fact or moment of starting to understand a situation

This podcast is dedicated to the need to acknowledge that we are deep in the age of mass global realisation, witnessing both the catastrophic and the grace of human influence and (in)action .. individually we must choose which paths to walk .. collectively, we must bring about change, to policies, commercial attitudes and global behaviour .. #OneLove


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Digitally Autonomous + Independent Sounds I've Encountered

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