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D A I S I E Sessions | Ep. 6 “Freewheeling” | Feb 2017

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Welcome to the 6th episode of the D A I S I E Sessions featuring music from 17 year old classical trained pianist and (electronic) beatmaker Rogyr coming out of the Netherlands, new music from Omar‘s “Love In Beats” album that’s just dropped on Freestyle Records plus electronic soul sounds from the likes of Tulpa and Steve Spacek.

As always, thank you for supporting the show through it’s many (r)evolutionary guises .. Please enjoy and feel free to leave feedback!DionneGbasai-DAISIExL

D A I S I E Sessions | Ep. 6 “Freewheeling” | Feb 2017


J-Felix – Runaway ft Hareighblu
Omar – Feeds My Mind ft The Floacist
Sivey – Moving On ft Emmavie
Lafa Taylor & Aabo – Turn My Music Up (Singularis Remix)
Anderson Paak – Come Down ft TI
De La Soul – Schoolyard Studios
Soulutions – Don’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover (VO Extended Remix)
SoUl II SoUl – JaZzYs GrOoVe (back to 89 life EDIT)
Emily King – Believer (Jesse Fischer Remix)
Rogyr – Bastion
Tulpa – Run Baby Run ft Visuals
Nekko – Maze
Steve Spacek – Bright Eyes

Compiled and Recorded at ‪#‎DAISIE‬ HQ, Manchester, UK

adjective UK /fri.wiː.lɪŋ/
not limited by rules or accepted ways of doing things


Author: Radio D A I S I E

Digitally Autonomous + Independent Sounds I've Encountered

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