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D A I S I E Sessions | Ep. 8 “N’anya” | July 2017

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Welcome to the 8th episode of the D A I S I E Sessions, featuring some of the wonderful contributions to the newly released “Manchester With Love compilation. A massive 226 tracks in all have been “donated” by the city’s musical community to raise funds for the Red Cross I Love Manchester Emergency Fund  and it’s a superb collection of music in it’s own right! We’ve been sent a nice K15 Remix of a Kuniyuki track called “Moving Minds“, play an offering from The High Corporation and we take a listen to some favourites from the #DAISIE archives including tracks by 4Hero, Kushti, Leila and Klartraum.

As always, thank you for supporting the show through it’s many (r)evolutionary guises .. Please enjoy and feel free to leave feedback!DionneGbasai-DAISIExL

D A I S I E Sessions | Ep. 8 “N’anya” | July 2017


Kushti – U R Still Ahead
Yadava – For Peace
Mali Hayes ft Jermaine – Momma
Kuniyuki – Moving Minds (K15 Remix)
Planetary Assault Systems – You Thought It
The High Corporation – Puppet Theatre
Leila – Don’t Fall Asleep
Contours – Lagoon
Klartraum – All Dimensions
Lil’ Louis – Club Lonely (Lewis Lastella Remix)
4Hero – Escape That

Compiled and Recorded at ‪#‎DAISIE‬ HQ, Manchester, UK

noun UK
the Igbo word for love


Author: Radio D A I S I E

Digitally Autonomous + Independent Sounds I've Encountered

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