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DAISIE | EP Info: “Aura EP” by Stacy Epps

aura art WItwitterE2The 14th Feb (2013) saw the highly anticipated and hugely cosmically conscious release of the new “Aura EP” by Stacy Epps with Everett James as musical composer. Full of artistically layered and soul aware lyrics “Aura” has the musical depths to enable a whole range of emotions felt within the human disposition. With an almost orchestral soundbase as featured on Track 4 “Now” which seems to penetrate the stress of the solar plexus to the lighter climes of “Today“, the whole EP truly lives up to it’s synopsis and mission statement..

The Aura EP was created with the focused intent on healing through sound, lyric and vibration. Everett James composed the musical soundtrack to Stacy Epps‘ words and harmonies to create a lovely soundscape for positive energy and enlightenment. Stacy flips between rhyming and singing effortlessly to let her soul guide the way. The music is laden with live instrumentation, synths, heavy drums and tight bass lines. The sound is new, perhaps what you have been looking for. Stacy Epps and Everett James are here to share their love and light through music with the people. Listen to get an aura cleansing and feel a brighter glow. Let your heart be healed and your mind cleared.” (Epps. S., 2013)

DAISIE really appreciates the belief that Stacy has in music and sound to be a healing mechanism and the clear way in which she recognises and communicates (without sounding twee) the evermore and surfacing truth of male/female divinity..thanks to Stacy and Everett for putting into words and sounds these things which cannot always be expressed..

Take a listen to the first two singles “Begin Again” and “God’s Daughter“, order your copy of the full “Aura EP” via Bandcamp.

Released 14th February 2013

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DAISIE | Track Info: “Begin Again” by Stacy Epps forthcoming on 735 Music


Have a listen to the second single taken of the forthcoming “Aura EP” by Stacy Epps due for release on 14th February 2013 via 735 Music. “Begin Again” has a simple ethos to it, signifying “A dedication to the continuation of time and our the importance of our gifts even in the face of failure and hardship. We can always start anew.” Ah, lovely sonic vibrations coming in from Stacy once again..DAISIE is counting down the days to hear the album in full which you can PRE-ORDER here.

Second single taken from AURA, due for release on 14 February 2013
Produced by Everett James for 735 Music
Lyrics by Stacy Epps
Live Bass by Everett James
Live Keys by Everett James

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DAISIE | Track Info: “God’s Daughter” by Stacy Epps forthcoming on 735 Music

StacyEpps-GodsDaughter-RadioDAISIEHere at DAISIE we’re seriously looking forward to the forthcoming release from Stacy Epps EP, entitled “Aura” due to be released on the 14th February 2013 on 735 Music. Stacy has released this track “God’s Daughter” as a precursor to what we can expect from the new EP. Since the release of her 2008 EP “The Awakening” which features guest appearances from the likes of Muhsinah, Finale and Flying Lotus, Stacy has secured herself a place as a top emcee/singer and leading spirituality evoking and female conscious artist.

Check out the official video for “Floatin” taken off Stacys’ 2008 release “The Awakening EP“..