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DAISIE | EP Info: “Mellowtunes EP” by Potatohead People on Jellyfish Recordings

MellowtunesEP-PotatoheadPeople-JellyfishRecordings-RadioDAISESince hearing the “Kosmichemusik EP” released last year by the Potatohead People on Jellyfish Recordings, DAISIE has been hooked on the strong and full layers and mellow intricacies that these producers so expertly work together. Nick Wisdom and Astrological separately have done great works on their own EPs but as the Potatohead People, for DAISIE, there’s an even bigger richness and depth to the music they create..proof of excellent and effective collaboration. The “Mellowtunes EP” is one of their earlier works, released in April 2012. Catch up with the sounds and check this offering.

Released 24 April 2012

Produced by AstroLogical and Nick Wisdom
Mastered by David Pimentel
Artwork by Potatohead People

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DAISIE | Album Info: “Truthseekers” by Astrological on Jellyfish Recordings


Today (22nd Jan 2013) sees the 7th album release “Truthseekers” by Astrological out on Vancouver based label Jellyfish Recordings. The full length album once again stays true to the melodic jazz hip hop beats that first caught the attention of the DAISIE playlist through tracks featured on a previous album,  “Stereotypes“.  Shifting through the heavy bass layers are somewhat psychedelic and almost surreal sounds which it seems are designed to enhance and uplift states of consciousness. Featuring outings from Indigo Kid‘s rapper Kapok, Denmark-based producer Galimatias and contributions from Potatohead People’s Nick WisdomTruthseekers” has got it all, from warm contemporary jazz sounds to the precision digital timing that is abundant in electronic music. And if not mistaken there’s even a slight appearance from a didgeridoo! One to sit back to and indulge the senses with. Available to BUY immediately via Bandcamp.

Released 22 January 2013
Produced & mixed by AstroLogical
Mastered by David Pimentel
Artwork by Tamir Schlanger

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DAISIE | EP Info: “StereoTypes” by Astrological on Jellyfish Recordings

Astrological-StereoTypesEP-RadioDAISIEThey are a busy lot at Jellyfish Recordings. Since starting out in 2010 they have released a series of albums from artists from British Columbia and Alberta such as Nick Wisdom and 8prn. D A I S I E has recently playlisted tracks from the “Kosmichemusik EP” by the Potatohead People released last month and is now happy to find the “StereoTypes EP” by Astrological, a solo project which features vocal collaborators from A-Ro of Elekwent Folk and Claire Mortifee along with work from fellow producers Mosaic and Dave P, who add flavour and diversity to the overall feel of the album.