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DAISIE | Album Info: “Space & Time” by Desmond Cheese

A bit of a find for DAISIE the “Space & Time” album is, loving the depth of production, imagination and skills applied to this and am hoping to delve more into the back catalogue of these Brisbane based and “finely aged” producers. “They found their fame, discovered their fortune, bought themselves an island and are now here to explore the depths of Space & Time. That’s right, Desmond Cheese are back, and back to their roots, with a fresh slab of tracks for you to get lost in. Prepare to close your eyes, nod your head and float off into some cheeky cheese dreams!” (Desmond Cheese 2012) The album is available to BUY via hard cd copy or digitally so take a listen…rest assured…there ain’t much cheesy about this offering…if it were indeed a cheese it’d be something sophisticated like gruyere with walnuts and wasabi!