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DAISIE | Album Promo: “The Dawning” by Dezaray Dawn

DezarayDawn-TheDawningPromo-RadioDAISIECheck out the promo video for Atlanta’s Dezaray Dawn‘s new offering, “The Dawning” due for release on 31st July 2013.

You can get a LIMITED FREE DOWNLOAD of the newest single “Brand New” over on her Soundcloud page and visit the FACEBOOK event for more details.

Release date: 31st July 2013

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DAISIE | Artist Info: Dezaray Dawn

Gotta give some support to an artist who works tirelessly to not only promote her cause but one who seeks to create music with authenticity and an organic and profound  flow. Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, future soul singer, song writer and a self confessed “chick  that’s  Poly-Rhythmic” Dezaray Dawn pens true soul music that is written elementally about emotions, relationships and the changing nature of people. Her 5 track “Deep EP” released in 2011 and produced by Mark Mac is testament to her musical roots, life influences and personal musical taste in deep house, RNB, Hip Hop and Nu Jazz.  With a back catalogue stretching back to the “Chameleon EP” released in 2009 up to the current single “Over It” released earlier in 2012, Dezarays‘ music has certainly been a favourite on past and present playlists and this author cannot help but admire her dedication and solid input into a future variation of soul music. Check her out. Buy some music. Support The Independent(s)!!

BUY the “Deep EP” via Dezaray Dawns‘  BANDCAMP page.