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DAISIE | EP Info: “Time Enough At Last” by Erik Jackson

Time Enough At Last - Erik Jackson-RadioDAISIEErik Jackson makes a return with his brand new album. “Time Enough At Last” marks an homage to “a realization of time and memories of special times and special people. An understanding that we can never visit those times again and the sadness that comes with that.” Full of nu-jazz, triphop and dnb twists and featuring heavyweight collaborations with Mr Moods, Jenova 7, Vicky Flint and Josh Shuck, this vintage sounding ep, straight out of Florida is one not to be missed ! Release date: 17th February 2014

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DAISIE | Album Info: “Sur La Route du Jazz” by Mr Moods and Erik Jackson

A cross two country collaboration now with Quebecs’ exploring beatmaker Mr Moods and Floridas’ Audio Maestro Erik Jackson. Using a combination of live instruments and sampled sound Messrs Moods and Jackson have created a sound sophisticate with deep rumblings and trip hop influences to create a musical ambience to suit many a laid back, smoky blues room groover. “Sur La Route du Jazz” is available HERE. HUGE shouts to Guido and his Lounge Cafe in the Netherlands for putting DAISIE onto this!