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DAISIE | Album Info: “Sonic Boom Vol.1” by Maiya Norton (Giant Step)

Ah, it’s always a good thing when some of your favourite  and recently listened to tracks get featured on one compilation..welcome to Sonic Boom Vol.1 sourced and compiled by Maiya Norton, the first of many I hope to be featured on GIANT STEP as part of their Sonic Boom Series. You’ll find the likes of Carlitta Durand, Tensei, Teresa Jenee and Tall Black Guy lending their tunes in this monthly compilation of volumes, “filled with new or exclusive material from a myriad of artists from different genres.” And guess what..? Yep, all of these tracks are available to you as a FREE DOWNLOAD. All you have to do is click play, turn the volume up a notch or two, immerse your senses and simply enjoy!