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DAISIE | EP Info: “Feather’d Son” by Insightful

Experimental, psychedelic and instrumental sounds coming in from the Sans of Diego and Francisco, California via Oakland based Insightful. Full of “trippytarka” sounds and high rhythm beats Insightful have created interesting layers of sounds that should satisfy the bass needs of a listener, top notes to get your head bobbing and string body notes, these tracks are aural windows and aswell as pieces of music…listen to the tracks as a whole and enjoy the journey!It’s all here.
No time to waste.
See it.
It’s inside of you & I.
Fear not.
Let it go. (Insightful, 2012)
Go along and buy the album digitally HERE!
Check out the wonderful “duality” inspired video for “Space Tea”:

“Space Tea” – Insightful from matthew suggett on Vimeo.