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DAISIE | EP Info: “Wandering EP” by Yosi Horikawa

Hailing from Chiba in Japan, meet Yosi Horikawa, an ambient electronic music maker who released his organic soundscape Wandering EP in June 2012. Using everyday elements to drive his instrumental tracks Yosi has captured the essence of woodlands and cityscapes using natural sounds and even utensils to create this highly immersive and extremely aural vision…listen to track 1 “Bubbles” and you can distinctly hear what sounds like a thousand ping pong balls bouncing from left to right, front to back. Track 3 “Letters” and you can hear the scrawl of a pencil moving left to right across the page in rhythm with rounded layered beats. One to definitely listen to through good headphones or set of good quality stereo speakers. Available now, visit First Word Records for more information on Yosi. BUY the album via BANDCAMP.