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DAISIE | Track Info: “Flying” by Profusion

a0301150556_10-1This is what happens when friends renowned producer and DJ K15 and talented frontman, lyricist and vocalist Emeson get together and collaborate .. “Flying” a highly regarded piece which sets off K15‘s unique musical production flow alongside Emeson‘s deeply warm and uplifting vocals which indeed cause a Profusion, that is an abundance of something rich. This is the first single to release from the duo working together as Profusion and we here at DAISIE cannot wait to hear more from their upcoming album.  Release date: 15th September 2014

Music composed and produced by K15
Lyrics and vocals by Emeson

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DAISIE | EP Info: “The Black Tape” by K15

K15-TheBlackTapes-INIMovement-RadioDAISIEWelcome to “The Black Tape” by K15, the first in a series of colour-related releases from the London based producer. K15 weaves a magical carpet of sound artistry and textures combining fresh jazz, dnb, afro and electric boobery elements to audio-describe the colour Black. Marking the follow up to the recent release of K15‘s “Umbra” release on INI MovementThe Black Tape” has that vast feeling of deep space timelessness infused with warm and comforting tones that subtly envelope you in a celestial sound blanket. Gently re-enforcing that while Black is of the very darkest colour owing to the absence of or complete absorption of light there is always the possibility of movement, journey, hope and enlightenment ! Release date: 10th March 2014

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DAISIE | EP Info: “Insecurities EP” by K15

K15-Insecurities-RadioDAISIEDAISIE playlist favourite K15 has been dusting off his hard drive again to uncover works that he’s polished up and now put out as a smart little 2-track release as the “Insecurities EP“. Paving the way for a new 12-inch entitled “Bordeaux” expected later in the year K15 has included a re-hash of Crystal Water‘s “Gypsy Woman” as well as featuring the title track “Insecurities“, both demonstrating his excellent re-working skills as well as his original music making techniques. Set to be a nice reminder that there’s still loads of good music out there to see us through the rest of Summer and beyond you can get your copy on a Name Your Price Basis from K15‘s BANDCAMP page.

Released 30th June 2013

Mastered by: J. André de la Porte

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DAISIE | EP Info: “Umbra” by K15

K15-UMBRA-RadioDAISIEA bit of a different feel is coming in from K15 on his latest release, “Umbra“, a 4 track EP which delves into the world of cinematic feeling soundscapes and digital future worlds on far flung planets as is heard on the first two tracks, “Intro/The Realm” and “Flux“. Killer bass lines  are still tantamount in these tracks as are delightful hypnotic layers of shimmer sounds and the last two tracks on the EP revert to the more “songlike” format of some of Kay’s previous works such as “Theme Music For A Pariah” and “Note To Self #2 (Fear is the Anti-thesis of Growth)“. There’s less urgency with this EP and more of a feeling that Kay has found a good pace to be in after a self reflective time in 2012 which was musically illustrated by “A Long Walk“, released towards the end of last year. Not afraid to delve and experiment “Umbra” seems to signify a greater knowledge and a dissolving of  production and personal boundaries, this EP pushes it that little bit further and takes you on a walk further down your own path. As always, take a listen, follow THIS link to BUY, Support The Independent(s) and simply ENJOY!

Released 25th February 2013
Released by: INI Recordings (
Artwork by: Roi (

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DAISIE | EP Info: “The Long Walk” by K15


DAISIE playlist favourite K15 has had a busy year networking, making mixes and producing offshoots of tracks which this author is glad to say find their way (and sometimes quite seasonally) into the DAISIE  inbox. After realising “The Long Walk ” EP had been sitting on his hard drive  for some time gathering the proverbial dust, K15 decided to make it available to listen to. The vocal version of “The Long Walk” resonates with the personal path that K15 has been following recently which seemingly has been quite a reflective time and one of finding balance between all areas of life..something surely We’ve all experienced at some point. The 2-track EP is available to you as a FREE DOWNLOAD and don’t forget to check out K15s works on his Soundcloud page too!

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DAISIE | EP Info: “A New Path” by LP & K15

K15 passed this EP over…the release date was way back in September 2008 but the beats and the vocals are just so good and the lyrics possess that timeless ethereal quality this author thought that it better get some blog space here too!

K15 met LP (aka Lisa Preston) via Myspace where they exchanged an encounter sort of like “I like your beats” and “I like your voice” which then saw them embark on an online cross continent collaboration between LP based in Wellington, NZ and UK based K15 culminating in this stunning 5 track EP.:Check out  LPs current EP “4pLay” by LoVeMuscLe.

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DAISIE | EP Info: “Theme Music For A Pariah” by K15

K15newK15 dropped this official solo release on fledgling beats and bass label WotNot back in March 2012. Full of classic hip hop influences with a strong progressive edge the London based music maker is a favourite on the soulful hip hop scene and with a six-year DJ residency at the Jazz Cafe (UK Soul Jam and Keep The Faith), remixes and production for the Futuristica label, and appearances on compilations from Freeform (the same label as recent playlist  favourite Mecca:83) and Hypedog.

The album is available for you to buy HERE and visit this LINK to a free download of “1 + 1”, a digi-mini album released back in November 2011: