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DAISIE | Track Info: “Living Love” by Roena Laurice

RoenaLaurice-LivingLove-RadioDAISIELondon UK’s Roena Laurice, a singer songwriter whose work is inspired by soul, hiphop and electronic frequencies blesses our hearts and minds today with a recorded live vocal performance of “Living Love“. Layered over beats provided by none other than DAISIE playlist favourite Melodiesinfonie, “Living Love” is  a smooth, soulful and conscious scat which works superbly well over Melodiesinfonie‘s well timed and divinely rhythmical beats. 

DAISIE was pleased to play Roena‘s track “Heart Throb Healing” on THIS show. Visit her SOUNDCLOUD page or go to Roena‘s Vibe&Connect blog to learn more about her inspirations and hear more of her music.

Big Hugs and Shouts to Roena for featuring DAISIE on Vibe&Connect !

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DAISIE | Track Info: “Spread L O V E” by Melodiesinfonie


Sometimes it just a good thing to spread a common message, to share a common thing, to partake in (a) cause. So on that note DAISIE is sharing this lovely little number by Melodiesinfonie. “Spread L O V E“ easy enough thing to do and a cause which DAISIE fully supports, plus the Dandelion picture for this track is rather beautiful! Yours to FREELY DOWNLOAD and quite simply, ENJOY!

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DAISIE | EP Info: “Wohlklänge EP” by Melodiesinfonie on Soulection

Meldoiesinfonie-WohlklängeEP-Soulection-RadioDAISIEYou can always be sure that the Californian based label Soulection do their homework when it comes to sourcing and supporting fine producers of soul, hip-hop and electronica inspired music. One of their latest offerings comes from a producer out of  Zurich, Switzerland. Melodiesinfonie is a highly tuned and well respected  creator of pristine tracks which resonate with a sense of knowing and understanding the absolute timing and flow needed to take a listener on a composite journey of listening pleasure! Enjoy this installment from Melodiesinfonie entitled “Wohlklänge” which translates in English to “Euphonies”. In this talented producers own words the synopsis behind this EP is that “All the tracks on here are very smooth, chill, and relaxing for the ear. I just want to spread love and positive vibes with these 4 tracks, nothing more. That’s my message always, Spread love and positivity every day.” (Melodiesinfonie)