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DAISIE | Album Recap: “Multi-Dimension” by Prof.Logik on Cascade Records

Visiting an archive      post via   Eco Lounge Radio:

Thanks to those good people at Phokul Poynt Community and their global music environment, this author has come across this lovely little gem “Multi-Dimension” by Prof.Logik on Frances’ Cascade Records label. I’m not gonna profess to knowing much about this artist, just that the synopsis behind the album really appealed.

According to Cascade “Multi-Dimension” is the embodied imagination of who Prof.Logik is through the form of sounds.” and he had this to say to them about his new album:
“This project was a therapeutic journey while I sat down in the lab constructing the tunes heard here on this release. Multi-Dimensions to me is simply a conversation to your ears and mind… Since I’m a man of few words this project is my way of communicating with you all the listeners. Music is vital in Life.”

Click play, enjoy and if you so wish check out the Limited Edition sets and make a purchase !! Support The Indepent(s)!!