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DAISIE | Album Info: “Bluebell Avenue” by Scott D

So you know the deal, you catch a track and the artists’ name, you like it and start to investigate their works further and you like what you find. So welcome to Scott Ds’ “Bluebell Avenue” released late this Summer. After hearing the “Indian Arithmetic” track taking a listen to this album was like taking a walk around Scott Ds’ life, neighbourhood and influences. Open, flowing and honest lyrics set over heavy hip hop beats and scratches get you transported to these places and can’t help but hear truth in his rhymes and admire the candour. FREE to DOWNLOAD..go get it!!

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DAISIE | Track Info: “Indian Arithmetic” by Scott D

Miles Davis influences this track courtesy of California based emcee Scott D, hailing from Sherman Oaks. “Indian Arithmetic” has those Hiphoptic jazz blues influences that are deeply mellow while underlying several strong lyrical messages to do with modern day conflict,  wars, ecology and loose women. Pick up your FREE DOWNLOAD from HERE!