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DAISIE | Track Info: “Underwater” by Ego Ella May (produced by IAMNOBODI)

Ego Ella May - UnderwaterNew music from London’s Futuristic Soulbird, Ego Ella May. “Underwater” is the first single to come off her new album “Breathing Underwater” releasing 5th February 2014 on prominent label Soulection out of California. Check the production on the track by none other than Soulection‘s IAMNOBODI, one of the only two producers to work on and provide beats for Ego Ella May‘s first release for 2014. 

Released 29th January 2014

Artwork by Andre Power

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DAISIE | Track Info: “Prototype” produced by Asante + Atu (SanteJazz Remix)

Asante+Atu-Prototype-RadioDAISIESo many nice remixes of this track.. (by the likes of Arima Ederra, Amin PaYne, AAries..) “Prototype“, originally recorded by Outkast in 2004 and featuring on their fifth studio album “Speakerboxxx/The Love Below“.. this time, Ghanian Jazz singer, musical producer and arranger Asante lends his techniques along with Atu to create a beautifully gentle and celestial version which will feature as one of three remixes coming off “Trifecta: The SanteJazz Remix Series“, due out next week! LIKE Asante‘s page to get your FREE DOWNLOAD.

Mixed and mastered by Deni Mesanovic

Artwork by Ndubisi Okoye

Shouts to Kronika + The Soulection Crew !

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DAISIE | Track Info: “Mountain High” by Lakim

Lakim-MountainHigh-Soulection-RadioDAISIEAh, those good folks over at Soulection have had this track “Mountain High” by Lakim on heavy rotation on their live shows and events  for almost a year now and have decided to make it available as a FREE DOWNLOAD. Very nice of them indeed. One to sip on something cool to and chill for the rest of Summer, you can get your copy by LIKING the Soulection Facebook page. 

Released 20th June 2013

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DAISIE | EP Info: “Wohlklänge EP” by Melodiesinfonie on Soulection

Meldoiesinfonie-WohlklängeEP-Soulection-RadioDAISIEYou can always be sure that the Californian based label Soulection do their homework when it comes to sourcing and supporting fine producers of soul, hip-hop and electronica inspired music. One of their latest offerings comes from a producer out of  Zurich, Switzerland. Melodiesinfonie is a highly tuned and well respected  creator of pristine tracks which resonate with a sense of knowing and understanding the absolute timing and flow needed to take a listener on a composite journey of listening pleasure! Enjoy this installment from Melodiesinfonie entitled “Wohlklänge” which translates in English to “Euphonies”. In this talented producers own words the synopsis behind this EP is that “All the tracks on here are very smooth, chill, and relaxing for the ear. I just want to spread love and positive vibes with these 4 tracks, nothing more. That’s my message always, Spread love and positivity every day.” (Melodiesinfonie)

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DAISIE | Track Info + Original Video: “Heroine” by WildCookie (Wantigga Refix)

Wildcookie - Heroine - WantiggaRefix - RadioDAISIEEarlier in 2012, the track “Heroine” by Wildcookie in an acapella form was sent by label Soulection over to Koen who then in turn sent it to his trusted friend and musically gifted cohort Wantigga. The result is the Wantigga Refix of “Heroine” and it’s available to digitally download on a name your price via SoulectionsBANDCAMP page.

The first video outing from Freddie Cruger & Anthony Mills 2009 musical collaboration, Wildcookie. This is “Heroine” without the Refix…

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DAISIE | EP Info: “Never Too Late” by Staycen x Koen on Soulection

Staycen and KoenReleased today comes the 19th instalment from the Soulection label “Never Too Late”, a 7 track EP from self confessed “Spiritual Listener” and “Observer” Staycen hailing from Atlanta, working her vocals over Dutch music producer Koens‘ warm and jazz infused hiphop beats. The “Never Too Late” EP came into being after Koen who has a back catalogue of 3 x “Output” EPs fusing technological and instrumental tracks decided he wanted to work with a vocalist. He heard Staycens‘ track “Feel Ya” from her self titled “Staycen EP“, was blown away and contacted her to see if  she wanted to get involved in a project. After 1 and a half years of recording tracks the Never Too Late EP is now here. Expect some deeply electronic and experimental twists and turns alongside the warm jazzy tones and immerse yourself in some intelligent collaboration.Check out the EP in full, go get YOUR copy and listen out for more from these two talented independents!

Official Music Video for “Never Too Late” by Staycen x Koen

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DAISIE | EP Info: “Sunwalk EP” by Modlee & Vlooper on Soulection

Extremely laid back Summer sounds coming in from the 13th Soulection installment featuring producer Vlooper with Modlee on vocals. Expect Badu-esque slants and well timed loops and beats from this nice 5 track EP which Californian based Soulection are offering on a FREE to DOWNLOAD basis…though any monetary contributions are surely and most definitely welcome. Good grooves to enjoy the rest of Summer…that’s if it ever returns..!

VLOOPER is part of the Alaclair Ensemble who have a deep progressive momentum that is spreading worldwide. His solo work and collaboration release ‘Analog Love’ with Modlee was a great success in 2010. The whole vibe of this EP has a future-soul and forward thinking sound direction that compliments Modlee’s vocals. Modlee compliments the depth and style of Vlooper’s productions.” (Soulection 2012)