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DAISIE | EP Info: “Dose Remixes” by Sorceress

DoseRemixes-WonderWheelRecordings-Sorceress-RadioDAISIEPablo Sánchez and TITO ROCK Ramos have remixed 2 fantastic Sorceress tracks, bringing new flavours and tempos to “Dragonfly” and “Desire“. Listen to them here and if you so like, cop them over on Wonderwheel Recording‘s Bandcamp page. 

Release date: 14th January 2015

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DAISIE | EP Info: “Amansara” by Chancha Via Circuito

Amansara-ChanchaViaCircuito-WonderwheelRecordings-RadioDAISIEA delightful and enchanting offering from Argentinian music producer Chanca Via Circuito with this, his third album offering “Amansara” out on Wonderwheel Recordings. Fusing Brazilian Rhythms, Paraguayan Harp, Andean Mysticism and the solitude of Argentinian Folklore, Chancha has received critical acclaim from the likes of NPR, The New York Times and The Washington Post to name a few revered broadcasters and publications. It’s available now!  Release date: 23rd September 2013

Artwork by Paula Duro